Fishing Forecast

We are entering the rainiest months of the year. Due to this, the surface water temperature will remain low, which is good for fishing.

The most common species at this time of year nearby to Caño Island will be yellowfin tunas, wahoos and from the end of September the Dorados, which travel in the currents that are located in the first 12 miles.

Along the coast, Roosterfish, Mackerel and Jacks are a species that can be fished all year round. Also there is a chance to catch a Snapper.

In the Sierpe river for these rainier months the best option is to fish upstream. The species to catch will be Snook, Snapper, and Tarpon

If you are going to come fishing with us in the next 3 months do not forget to bring your Raincoat.

We constantly watch the weather and sea forecasts in order to better choose the fishing day to enjoy to the fullest

See you on the water

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