Fishing Forecast, Jun 2021

For June, the rainy season of Costa Rica will be established. Because of these rains, the water on the sea surface will stay cold, so fish like yellowfin Tunas and Wahoo will stay a few feet deep which means they will be closer to our lures.

The rivers begin to have strong currents due to the constant rains and throw branches, logs and other floating objects into the sea, which are incorporated into the marine currents. Small fish and some crustaceans take refuge in these objects so predators swim along these currents in search of food.

Along the coast, although it is less likely to find schools of sardines as in the dry season it is always possible to catch Roosterfish, Mackerel, Jacks …

On the other hand, the best time of the year to fish upriver begins, where it is possible to catch Snook, Small Tarpon (10 to 20 pounds) which are very fun to fish with light tackle. You can also catch mangrove snapper.

If you come to fish in the following months, do not forget to bring your raincoat, sunscreen and a dry bag to store your personal belongings.

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