Fishing Report, March 2024

On March we had good snapper fishing. We caught several kinds of them: Spotted snapper, Cubera snapper, Pacific red snapper, Red snapper, Yellowtail snapper, Mangrove snapper… We also caught many African Pompanos, Mackerels, some Roosters, Almacos and Bluefin trevallys.

We have had most of the catches by jigging. This is because we have had the effects of the El Niño phenomenon and the waters have been warmer than normal so the fish have moved to deeper waters.

According to the forecasts for April we will returning to the neutral phase of the El Niño phenomenon so other types of fishing such as trolling and casting will once again give good results. In addition, the rainy season will begin in a couple of weeks, helping to cool off the surface waters and causing species such as Yellowfin tuna and Wahoo to arrive again near to Caño Island.

IMG_20240302_094326 IMG_20240302_094817 IMG_20240304_101556 IMG_20240304_112238 IMG_20240304_114320 IMG_20240315_111958 IMG_20240318_131938 IMG_20240325_082733 IMG_20240326_102547 IMG_20240328_102439 IMG_20240328_112606 IMG_20240328_112619 IMG_20240328_112637

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