The Mangroves prosper in areas that are a convergence of fresh water from the rivers and the entering of waters that are leaving the ocean. They are characterized by growing their roots above the ground. This serves the purpose of allowing the trees to stay living there, instead of being washed away by the changing of the tides.

The Mangroves are full of life, and perhaps one of the basic reasons for its great diversity, is that there are 2 different types of habitats; one when the area is flooded at high tide, which gives the opportunity for fish, turtles, birds that prey on fish, lizards, among others. And a different habitat when the water leaves at low tide. Things begin to dry up and small animals appear looking for food such as crabs, sediment, trapped fish, and bird’s fruit, among others.

This tour is a slowly boat ride near the banks of the Sierpe River where you can watch not only the mangrove forest, but also the animals that live and get feed in it, such as birds, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, sloths, raccoons…

This tour lasts two hours

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