It’s a big, quiet deep river that has an abundance of animal and plant life. The shore down the river  consists of Mangroves;  the shore up the river  consists of  Lirios and Platanillas.

As you can see, the area is ideal for the habitats of young and old fish, many shrimps and crabs, as well as many others that are part of the food chain.

Up the river, (Freshwater) the common types y size of fish are Mangrove Snapper (1 to 3 pounds), Snook (2 to 5 pounds), Tarpon (3 to 8 pounds) and Machaca (1 to 2 pounds)  course there is the chance to catch bigger Snappers, Snooks and Tarpons.

Up the river the fishing normally is done by casting, so your casting has to be accurate for get the hot spots.

Down the river (Brackish Water) is possible to catch Mangrove Snapper (1 to 3 pounds), Corvina (4 to 10 pounds), Grouper (6 to 15 pounds), Tarpon (10 to 20 pounds). Again is the average size, so bigger fish can be hooked.

Down the river the fishing can be done by Trolling, Casting and Jigging.

Also there are a large sandbars where sometimes Roosterfish chase mullet fish, that place is ideal for casting topwater lures and/or do some fly fishing.

If you like the relaxing places and you are a PATIENT angler, Sierpe River Fishing is for you.

That fishing is much better when the tide is low, that´s why the tour last no more than 6 hours.

But if you want spend couple hours more fishing there is the chance to mix the Down the River Fishing with Inshore Fishing. Since the River fishing is better when the tide is low you can mix Inshore fishing with River Fishing if the low tide is early by 7am or in afternoon.

Do not forget to bring sunglasses, hat, comfortable clothes, sun block and a raincoat for the months of May to November.

We recommend you to bring a dry bag to store your cell phone, cameras and other things that can be damaged by water. And if you plan to keep some fish, do not forget to bring a cooler and plastic bags to pack the fish fille that you are going to take with you.


Video: Corvina Fishing

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